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The CPF is a national Party Group, chaired by the Minister for Government Policy, which gives members the opportunity to discuss the major policy challenges facing Britain. With active groups across the West Midlands the CPF is a fantastic way for Members of the Party to have their voices heard on some of the most important issues facing our country. With a direct line to the Minister for Government Policy, its members have a real say in the direction our Party is taking.

To find out about future Policy Forum meetings in Coventry please use the email sign up form.

CPF Members played an important role during the 2015 General Election, providing a number of contributions towards the manifesto we were successfully elected on, and the work of its members out on the ground in our target seats made a real difference to the outcome.

As we implement our Conservative manifesto and start formulating our vision for 2020, it is as important as ever that we demonstrate how only the Conservatives will make the difficult decisions needed to ensure a country that works for everyone. 

Over the course of the last Parliament we published over 30 discussion briefs and collected over 19,000 opinions from members and supporters in nearly 250 different groups – all of which were summarised and sent to Conservative members of Cabinet. These, in turn, all received a ministerial response. Complementing this has been the work of our sectoral groups which are made up of, and chaired by, experts in their field. Each of these groups examined a range of policies within their remit, giving the Party direct insight into the views of their sector. In addition to this, we engage with our members through various regional and national events, such as the CPF Winter Conference.

Through this work we very successfully fulfilled our remit of helping the Party to identify the problems we will face during the next Parliament and, crucially, to address how we can secure a better future for Britain and for hardworking taxpayers. Many CPF groups also contribute to debates on local issues and actively participate in campaigning in their constituencies.

The CPF’s history can be traced back to the Conservative Political Centre of the early post-war years. This made a significant contribution to the development of election-winning policies that delivered thirteen years of radical Conservative Government from 1951 to 1964. Building on this heritage, our aim is to create a truly national Forum, accessible to all regardless of age or location that has real influence on Party policy.

There is a CPF professional team in CCHQ to support you so please feel free to get in touch if you are interested in joining or forming a CPF group or if you would like to know what you can do to help to ensure we build on the success of 2015 and continue to elect Conservative representatives at both local and national level.

Please contact cpf@conservatives.com to find your nearest CPF group or visit www.conservativepolicyforum.com for further information