Partial victory for road safety campaigners - but more needs to be done

Campaigners have secured a partial victory on their demands for improved road safety on Alderminster Road in Eastern Green - but they’ve warned that more needs to be done. The Council has acted in response to a petition bearing 466 signatures which was submitted by Woodlands ward Councillor Julia Lepoidevin. It was prompted by a serious accident in July which saw a speeding car crash into the living room of a local resident.

The Council will install temporary/mobile vehicle activated signs and will refresh existing ‘SLOW’ road markings. New waiting restrictions will also be advertised as part of the next batch of proposed restrictions on 17 November. The proposed restrictions will consist of double yellow lines at the Beausale Crescent, Ayhno Close junctions and both sides of Alderminster Road between these junctions.

Commenting on the news Councillor Julia Lepoidevin said; “We welcome any measures that will improve road safety on Alderminster Road. However we need to remember it’s just a step in the right direction. We need something firmer and more permanent - such as a refuge in the road or at least a permanent speed activated sign. We’ll be pursuing this with the Council, I’m just hoping and praying that there aren’t any further accidents.”

Fellow Woodlands ward representative, Councillor Peter Male, said “What we have here is a start, it’s recognition from the Council that something needs to be done – however it clearly can’t be the finished article. I accept there are funding constraints but it’s funny that wasn’t an issue when the Council forked out for Coombe Abbey in secret recently. We’ll be keeping the pressure on the Council to install a refuge or permanent sign.”

Woodlands ward Councillor and Leader of Coventry Conservatives, Councillor Gary Ridley, said; “In July a speeding BMW hurtled through a crash barrier and garden wall before smashing into a house - that spectacle must never be repeated. As such, these measures must be the start of a process to improve road safety – and not the end of one. We must consider the safety of the children, young families and vulnerable elderly residents who use this street as a thoroughfare every day.