Local News

Statement on Kings Hill development

Wainbody Conservative Councillors - John Blundell, Mattie Heaven and Tim Sawdon are delighted to learn that Coventry City Council has no “current” plans to sell the land they own on Kings Hill for housing.

Emergency bail out for Coombe Abbey Hotel

Struggling Council-owned Coombe Abbey Hotel is set to receive yet another rescue package from the Council. It comes in the wake of the coronavirus epidemic which has caused significant problems for the hospitality sector.

City marks 550th birthday of Sikh founder Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Sikhs have gathered at the city’s prestigious St Mary’s Guildhall to celebrate the 550th anniversary of the birth of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. A special dinner was organised by Deputy Leader of the Council, Cllr Abdul Khan on Friday 15th November to coincide with his birthday.

Campaign for new Royal Navy ship to be named HMS Coventry gathers steam

Coventry Conservatives have launched a campaign to persuade the Royal Navy to name one of their new frigates HMS Coventry. It follows an announcement in September by the government that it intends to purchase five new type 31 frigates at a cost of £1.3bn which could enter service by 2023.

Councillors request review of ‘dangerous’ Broad Lane junction

Councillors representing Woodlands Ward in Coventry are calling for a review of the layout of a busy junction in Tile Hill. They’re concerned that the layout of the A45/ Broad Lane junction could be contributing to a poor safety record, noise pollution and traffic delays.

Conservative candidates selected for city seats

Conservative members in Coventry have been voting to decide who will represent the party in the next set of local elections in May 2020. At a packed meeting four candidates were selected to contest some of the key battleground seats in the city.