Coventry Conservatives welcome £300 million plan to improve transport for disabled passengers

On the 25th July, the Government has launched an Inclusive Transport Strategy to improve accessibility across all types of travel for people with visible and less visible disabilities.

The strategy – backed with funding of up to £300 million – will significantly benefit passengers with disabilities in Coventry

It includes investment in rail accessibility infrastructure, commitments to produce league tables which highlight operators that are delivering the best service for disabled people, and funding for Changing Places accessible toilets at motorway service stations.

It has also recommended that Shared Space Roads are halted In the UK. It has stated inclusive design guidance, will have to include kerbs and controlled crossings to ensure pedestrians do not have to share space with vehicles.

Cllr Tim Mayer Commented "The shared space scheme in Coventry does not have traffic lights or kerbs, these are areas where neither pedestrians or vehicles have right of way. I have asked Coventry City Council and the cabinet member for city services if Coventry will be reviewing the existing junctions. It is my belief transport helps us get to work, stay in touch with friends and family, and access vital services like healthcare and education. It is right that we work to achieve a genuinely inclusive transport network, which meets the needs of all people, regardless of whether they are disabled or not. For our ageing population, and the fifth of people who identify as having some sort of disability, access to transport can be far from straightforward"

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