Save Willenhall Police Station

West Midland’s Labour Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Simon Foster, announced January this year that Willenhall Police Station could close.

In a letter, Amarjit Khangura has written to Simon Foster questioning the closure, and has invited Simon to have a discussion about his plan. An online survey has been set up by Amarjit to ask what residents think of the looming closure of Willenhall Police Station and how they experience safety and security in their area.

The outcome of this petition will be used as further evidence as to why the closure of the Police station in WIllenhall would be detrimental to the community in Willenhall.

Join our campaign to save our police station by completing the survey below.

Crime Survey

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Are you aware that our West Midlands Labour Police and Crime Commissioner is looking at closing three police stations in Coventry? The site in Canley will close and the stations in Bell Green and Willenhall could follow suit.
How important is it to you and your family to have a local Police station? On a scale of 0-10, where 0 is extremely unimportant and 10 is extremely important.
The Government is hiring 20,000 extra police officers across England and Wales – what TWO issues would you like our additional local officers to focus on?
How safe do you feel walking around your local area? On a scale of 0-10, where 0 is extremely unsafe and 10 is extremely safe.
Have you ever experienced burglary, mugging, verbal abuse, car crime, seen drug dealing?
Have you every reported any crime to the Police through 999 (urgent) or 101 (non-urgent)?
Would you be interested in speaking to the Police in your area about issues, through a Police surgery?