Uncollected rubbish piled high in City Street

Residents living in Tile Hill say that household rubbish is piled high in Gibbons Close because the Council has regularly failed to collect dustbins. With hotter weather forecast residents are worried they now face a serious public health hazard.

Travellers arrive at city park

A group of travellers with 20 caravans and 2 motorhomes have arrived in the Tile Hill area of the city. They arrived last night on the Ponderosa fields on Jardine Crescent raising concerns amongst local residents.

Homelessness the priority for new Shadow Cabinet

Following this month’s local elections Coventry Conservatives have unveiled their Shadow Cabinet for the forthcoming year. One big change is the creation of a Shadow Cabinet portfolio bringing together Public Health, Housing, Homelessness and Sport.

Anxious residents call for speeding action on Broad Lane

Broad Lane is an accident waiting to happen according to residents in Eastern Green, Coventry. Members of the Mount Nod Residents Association and Limbrick Wood Baptist Church have warned that the speed of vehicles is making it virtually impossible to cross the road safely.

Gritting row leaves Keresley bus passengers stranded

Residents in Keresley have gathered a petition after repeatedly being asked to leave a National Express bus nowhere near their stop. Some passengers using the 16 and 16A service claim they’ve been left waiting in the cold weather for hours while they made alternative arrangements.