Statement on Kings Hill development

Wainbody Conservative Councillors - John Blundell, Mattie Heaven and Tim Sawdon are delighted to learn that Coventry City Council has no “current” plans to sell the land they own on Kings Hill for housing. Cllr John Blundell says, ‘This is no doubt due to pressure by ourselves, Finham Parish Council and West Midlands Mayor Andy Street. However, this doesn’t stop the 2,500 houses that are scheduled to be built on other land on Kings Hill over the next 10 years going ahead.

It also does not prevent Coventry selling their land in the future. Why did Coventry City Council not object to Warwick District Council agreeing to allocate 4,000 houses for Kings Hill when they knew that without Coventry's land only 2,500 houses could be built? 

John said that he is very concerned there is nothing in the future to prevent the Council from selling their land, once Lioncourt (DEVELOPERS) have built out the original allocation.

However, the Conservative Party In Coventry can give an undertaking that a future Conservative administration would never sell the land. We would inform Warwick DC of this, guaranteeing that it would not be possible to build 4,000 homes on that site.

We firmly believe that Coventry’s population growth figures are widely exaggerated and there is absolutely no need to build on Kings Hill.