Senior Labour Activist Defects to Coventry Conservatives

A senior Labour activist and candidate has defected to the Conservatives in Coventry.

Alan East, who stood as a Labour Party candidate in the 2015 and 2016 City Council elections has taken the decision to join the Conservative Party having 'fully considered' the direction of the Labour Party under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn and the 'negative and uninspiring' campaign of Sion Simon, the Labour candidate for West Midlands Mayor.

Commenting, Alan said: 'It has become apparent to me in recent months that the Labour Party does not offer a credible Opposition nationally and is failing Coventry locally. The campaign of Sion Simon is extremely negative and uninspiring when compared to the positive vision for our city and region outlined by Andy Street.

'I was keen to support Andy which made my position in Labour untenable, particularly when I considered the direction the Party is taking nationally under Jeremy which has been overtaken by the hard left. The Labour Party I joined no longer exists, and I don't believe it will re-emerge even if a new leader is elected. I wanted to be in a Party that was positive about our city's future and the future of our country. 

'Theresa May's Conservative Party and the positive campaigning undertaken by the Coventry Conservative Party made it clear to me that Labour no longer represented my views. Sion Simon's campaign has been negative whereas Andy Street has been optimistic and positive about the future of our region and our fantastic city of Coventry.' 

Adding, Cllr Ken Taylor, Chairman of Coventry Conservatives, said: 'I am delighted to welcome Alan to our team here in Coventry. He has stood twice for Labour in target seats and is a senior activist for the local Party. 

'Alan has come to the realisation that Labour both in Coventry and nationally are now governed and led by the ultra left which represents a very real threat to the future of the Labour Party and indeed our city.

'We in the Conservative Party are a broad church, we welcome Alan to our Party and we encourage other moderate members of Labour to join us.'