More jobs, better housing, lower debt - Coventry Conservatives unveil election manifesto

Coventry Conservatives have launched their five-year plan for Coventry ahead of this year’s local elections on Thursday 3rd May. It sets out the Conservatives vision for Coventry and explains how they'd make Coventry a stronger, fairer city where people choose to live work and invest.


At the top of the priority list is the creation of quality jobs through the regeneration of the city centre. This would include the delivery of a new hub for IT start-up companies with better retail and leisure facilities. They’d improve the appearance of the city centre, making a feature of the River Sherbourne, and take measures to make it more accessible. This would include free late-night car parking on a trial basis and a full review of the quality of parking available.


Conservatives would also take action to increase the housing supply and improve the quality and mix of housing stock available. A Conservative administration would seek to incentivise the development of brownfield sites, ahead of the greenbelt, and ask the Government to tax developers who horde them.


They believe the city should make better use of its existing housing stock too and pledge to bring 1,000 empty homes back into use. If elected they would also consult on changes to the planning system to prevent family homes being turned into student accommodation. The manifesto contains help for older residents wishing to downsize and includes an aspiration to deliver a new retirement village in the city. 


Coventry Conservatives also believe they can make improvements to front line services by delivering an extra £3 million in savings. They’ll direct these savings towards improving road safety, cleaning up parks, streets and tackling fly tipping. They would also explore further savings by reducing the city's £279 million of debt which debt costs taxpayers £13 million in interest repayments every year.


Conservatives are keen to make the Council more transparent and they point to the purchase of Coombe Abbey Hotel which was done in secret. They also want to introduce an ethical investment policy to prevent taxpayer’s assets ending up in an offshore tax haven.


Commenting on the launch of the manifesto Cllr Gary Ridley, the Leader of the Conservatives at Coventry City Council, said; “Our mission is to create a Coventry where everyone has the opportunity to get a quality job, live in a good house and have aspiration for their children. I'm asking voters to back us because I know that a better future for everyone could be within our grasp. These aren't just empty words, our manifesto contains specific actions which we’ll take to bring about the change Coventry so desperately needs. It's a sky-blue print for a better tomorrow written by Coventrians for Coventrians."

Read the manifesto in full:


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