Local Conservatives Welcome Mark Taylor

Coventry Conservatives have welcomed Mark Taylor, formerly Chairman of Coventry UKIP, to the Conservative Party.

Commenting on Mark’s decision to leave UKIP and to join the Conservatives, Mike Ballinger, Chairman of Coventry Conservative Association, said: “We are pleased to welcome Mark to the Conservative Party. After discussion with Mark it was obvious there is a lot of common ground between us and we applaud Mark for making this brave decision which cannot have been easy.”

Adding, Mark Taylor said: “I am looking forward to working with the Coventry Conservatives. A political group who are standing up for local democracy and are challenging those who make decisions on subjects such as building on Greenbelt land or raising Council tax without reference to the views and needs of the people of Coventry.”

Cllr. John Blundell, Leader of the Conservative Group on Coventry City Council, said: “We are sure Mark will be an asset to the Conservatives in Coventry. Mark lives in Wainbody Ward and appreciates the work that local Conservative Councillors have been doing particularly around House in Multiple Occupation (HIMOs) and now calling for a referendum on Coventry joining in a Greater Birmingham Combined Authority amongst other issues.”