Ladbrokes urged to investigate claims that blind pensioner was poorly treated

Councillors have asked betting firm Ladbrokes to investigate claims from a distressed Coventry resident who says he’s been badly treated. Partially blind pensioner, Michael Jones from Tile Hill, says that staff in the Ironmonger Row branch of the firm were rude to him and refused to accept his bet because his hand writing was hard to read.

According to Mr Jones, who also suffers from learning disabilities, an arrangement was reached allowing him to place bets by selecting a number assigned to the horses taking part in a race. However, this compromise was later overruled by Ladbroke’s Customer Services Dept, who claimed this was not company policy.

With the World Cup now getting into full swing Mr Jones is seeking assurances that he will not be subject to any further upsetting situations. He’s contacted his local Councillors (Peter Male, Gary Ridley and Julia Lepoidevin) to see if a way forward can be found. They’ve agreed to contact Ladbrokes on his behalf asking them to investigate the matter and give assurances that this won’t happen again.

Commenting on the situation Woodlands ward Councillor Peter Male said; “We were very concerned when Mr Jones contacted us in a distressed state. We’ve asked Ladbrokes to launch a full investigation, so we can establish the facts as quickly as possible and determine what actions need to be taken next. However, perhaps the most important lesson is that we all need to help and support the most vulnerable people in our society. That’s especially true of large organisations like Ladbrokes who make a lot of cash from their customers.”

Cllr Gary Ridley, who also represents Woodlands ward, is Leader of the Conservatives at Coventry City Council and said; “I’ve spoken to Mr Jones and assured him that we will raise the matter with Ladbrokes and try and find a resolution. On the face of it this might not seem a big issue but isn’t there a bigger question about how we can help and support the most vulnerable members of our society?”