If Coventry Labour did street parties, they would probably be the worst in the world

Coventry Conservatives have reacted with astonishment to strict rules unveiled by Labour controlled Coventry City Council for Royal Wedding street parties.

The guidance listed on the Council website asks residents to confirm that there will be no Music (Live or recorded), Entertainment, Rides or Inflatables at their Street Party before they can even request a booking form from the Council, let alone get permission. The Council is also insisting that all events have a 9pm curfew and one complaint can see the event cancelled.

Despite Government attempts to make it easier for residents to close their street for the day, local Conservatives believe City Council killjoys are trying to ensure that any party is not a lot of fun.

Deputy Leader of Coventry Conservatives, Cllr Kevin Foster, said: “The rules published today by killjoys at the City Council are ridiculous. They seem deliberately designed to prevent local residents having any fun on the big day in April. The Government is trying to make it easier for residents to hold a street party, but judging by these strict criteria there will be little fun at a Coventry one. The City Council needs to lighten up and allow local people to enjoy themselves.”

Cllr Allan Andrews, who earlier today had called on the Council to do more to promote the ability to have a Street Party, said: “I welcomed plans by the Government to cut the red tape for road closures, but have been concerned for some time that the Council was not doing enough to help residents who wanted to celebrate the big day. Yet the rules published today go totally against the spirit of the occasion and there needs to be an urgent rethink.”