Cllr Tim Mayer welcome £970 million boost to police funding

Cllr Tim Mayer has welcomed yesterday’s announcement that funding for the police system will increase by up to £970 million next year, the biggest increase since 2010. Police funding in West Midlands could increase by up to 6.4% in 2019-20 as a result of these changes. Tim has also welcomed the Home Office’s commitment to fighting serious and organised crime, including economic crime and drug trafficking, with a £90 million investment in national, regional and local capabilities. Additionally, the settlement will again see £175 million going into the Police Transformation Fund, which includes investment for innovative new crime prevention techniques and a new national welfare service for front line officers, and £495 million for national police technology capabilities. Commenting, Tim said: “I am delighted that police funding in West Midlands could increase by up to £34.2 million next year. “This is part of our balanced approach to the economy – spending on key public services while keeping taxes down and getting debt falling. “The Conservative Party will always ensure that the police have the powers and resources needed to keep our citizens and communities safe.”