Calls for safety measures after driver ploughs into house

Residents in Mount Nod, Coventry, were left in shock after a car crashed into a house on Alderminster Road in the early hours of Saturday 29th July. The BMW was travelling at such speed that it hurtled through a crash barrier and a garden wall before crashing into the house.

According to residents police officers arrested the driver, who had fled the scene, with the assistance of sniffer dogs. Although there were no serious injuries, the house was left uninhabitable while insurers assess the damage.

Yesterday Councillors representing Woodlands ward visited residents who watched the drama unfold – many said they were worried it may happen again. The incident has prompted fresh calls for traffic calming measures and now Cllr Julia Lepoidevin has launched a petition which she’ll present to the Council - in just two days it has already attracted the support of 120 people.

Speaking on Alderminster Road Cllr Julia Lepoidevin said; “I’m thankful that nobody was hurt in this appalling incident - however it could’ve been very, very different. Although this is an extreme example, residents have been complaining about the speed of many drivers and this incident only highlights the need for action to be taken fast. We hope that this petition will demonstrate the strength of feeling in this community and call on the Council to take action now.”

Fellow Woodlands ward Councillor, Cllr Peter Male, said “This car has careered through a crash barrier, a heavy garden wall and still had enough force to breach a house. To achieve that force it must been travelling at an enormous speed - frankly it’s a miracle that nobody was hurt. The current layout of the highway makes it easier for drivers to speed - clearly we need to think again.”

Woodlands ward Councillor and Leader of Coventry Conservatives, Cllr Gary Ridley, said; “We’re supporting the residents 100% on this issue. I’m no road safety expert but anyone can see that something needs to be done to slow traffic down. The site is clearly unsuitable for speed humps however there’s a range of other options which city engineers could explore. I’d urge residents to support Julia’s petition."

If you would like to sign the petition it is available in the One Stop Shop on Alderminster Rd or by following the link: