20 is plenty but should we have to wait 3 to 4 years for it?


The Tile Hill Village Residents’ Group submitted a petition for roads around Tile Hill Village to become a 20MPH  zone including Station Avenue, Cromwell Lane, Duggins Lane, Tanners Lane, Conway Avenue and Nailcote Avenue.

The petition was submitted on 23 August 2017. Approximately 80% of the residents of the village signed the petition and it was supported by Westwood Ward Councillors Marcus Lapsa, David Skinner and Tim Mayer. Traffic through the village is getting heavier by the day.  It will become heavier still with the building of hundreds of new homes on Westwood Heath Road and Cromwell Lane, the pending construction of a multi-storey car park at Tile Hill Rail Station and with heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) for the construction of HS2. In spite of the speed warning sign on Station Avenue, there are many instances of excessive speeding. Westwood Ward Councillors asked for a full traffic survey to be completed in 2016 and the results echoed this. 

Councillors were disappointed to learn this week from a senior officer that they could be waiting for a further 2 years for the 20 MPH scheme to be implemented. Cllr Tim Mayer commented " I was disappointed to hear, during Road Safety Week, that, due to decisions taken at the petition hearing, we could be waiting for 2 years for this long over-due change. With road safety a  priority and the number of accidents involving personal injury rising, requests for pedestrian safety crossings on all four roads have been rejected in the past. But, at the hearing, no benefits were disputed by the Cabinet member or officers. The Section 106 money for the Cromwell Lane development only guarantees a scheme on Westwood Heath Road to Duggins Lane so we may yet have no reduction in the areas referred to in the petition ".

Cllr Marcus Lapsa added; " This petition aimed to stop the need for reliance on Section 106 money from the Cromwell Lane development. Approximately 80% of residents voted for the speed reduction by way of petition, but the Cabinet member said during her verbal response that the 20MPH zone would be considered along with other demands, hence delaying the implementation for possibly two more years.

We are all disappointed by the proposed delay, especially when a neighbouring city is trialling 20MPH zones and launching a 20-year initiative to encourage more people to cycle in and around the city; making it healthier, greener, safer and less congested. We need to do the same”. 



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